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In collaboration with academic and clinical research partners Medivation is developing own products and proprietary technology leading to radical innovation in the fields of computer-assisted surgery, planning and imaging.

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AI Based Segmentation

Medivation has developed artificial intelligence algorithms that automatically segment 3D bone models from CT scans using deep neural networks. The algorithms can be tuned to your needs for example by training on specific anatomies or image modalities. The resulting 3D models can be used in planning software, navigation software and many other applications.

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Image Registration

Medivation develops various registration methods for image guided interventions and surgical planning. We can provide validated algorithm pipelines and fiducial geometries for fast and accurate image registration.

  • Fully automatic fiducial detection in different image modalities.
  • Fidudical design and analysis of registration accuracy.
  • Direct registration of intra-operative 3D datasets for surgical navigation.
  • 2D/3D registration of two or multiple X-Ray images for surgical planning or intraoperative registration.
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Statistical Shape Models

Our in-house processing pipeline enables us to efficiently manage CT and MRI data and to produce statistical models for various applications like implant design or statistical evaluations of specific anatomical features. More information is available in the fact sheet below.

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